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QR ( Quick Response) Codes are also known as 2D (dimensional) barcodes or Smartphone barcodes.  They have actually been around since 1994 and are widely used in Japan and Europe.

QR Codes enable print media and web mobile media to work together. With any smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Droid etc.) enabled with a QR Reader app (free software that can be downloaded) you can click a picture of the QR code and it will launch your smartphone's browser and take you to whatever URL is embedded within the code.

How Do QR Codes Work?

Point your mobile phone camera toward the code, snap a picture, and the software on your phone decodes the image.  Your phone may have come with the software, if not, you may have to download a reader.

Once the code is read, you are directed to a website, phone number, or landing page.

How are they being used?  It's endless!

  • Directing the customer to a landing page with directions, maps and information.
  • Offering a coupon that can be scanned at the store.
  • Put on the back of your business card to direct clients to your LinkedIn or Facebook page, or YouTube training video or tour
  • Scan at a conference for the days events
  • Scan to a landing page to make donations
  • Direct to quick online personalized ordering page

For more information and ideas just give us a call.  It's fun! 
Below is more information on QR codes, mobile landing pages and marketing ideas.

Below is a QR code generator to create your own QR codes. - QR-Code generator, reader, information and blog.