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Senior Marketers: Top Marketing Trends of 2010

The Marketing Executives Networking Group's (MENG) its Third Annual Survey of Top Marketing Trends. “Marketing ROI” moved from the third most important marketing concept in last year’s survey to the number one spot in this year’s survey, followed by “Customer Retention” and Brand Loyalty.” In addition, “Mobile Marketing” and “Social Media” officially made the top-10 concept list for the first time this year. Read more…

The 2009 Marketing-GAP Tracking Study, conducted by online market research company fast.MAP and the UK's Direct Marketing Association (DMA), shows that marketers are continuing to underestimate the percentage of consumers who welcome items of direct marketing. Read more…

Nine Reasons Why Print Newsletters Trump e-Newsletters

New clients often ask whether they should produce a print newsletter or an e-newsletter. If the goal is to retain customers, gain new ones or communicate most effectively to your audience, the answer is easy: Print newsletters are the best choice, hands-down.

But email is “free”

Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for?” While e-newsletters can certainly be useful, people have become so inundated with “e-everything,” that the online medium has become saturated. Printing and mailing may be more costly up-front, but a properly produced, printed newsletter is much more likely to be read by people who are overwhelmed by online media. And that translates directly into much better results.

Here are nine reasons why print newsletters are far superior to e-newsletters when it comes to maximizing this powerful communications tool. Read more...